Mocsári ökör és mocsáriökör-termékek

Towards the “AuwiesenZickenbachtal“ reserve, at the southern part of Burgenland, between Heugraben, Eisenhüttl and Rohr towns, the amusing region of “ZickentalerMoorochse“ has been evolved. The moor oxen (Moorochse) eats only sweet grass and odorous hay of pastures left in natural conditions, and they are kept outdoors during the winter. The specialities produced from Moorochse are special values of South-Burgenland.

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The extract of wanted products is as follows:

Art.Nr.     Bezeichnung (Moorochse)
1005015      Moorochse-Beinfleisch
1005016      Moorochse-Beinfleisch ohne Knochen
1005009      Moorochse-Beiried
1005019      Moorochse-Brust
1005025      Moorochse-Dauerwurst
1005051      Moorochse-Dauerwürstel dick
1005026      Moorochse-Dauerwürstel dünn
1005004      Moorochse-Englischer
1005024      Moorochse-Faschiertes
1005059      Moorochse-Fleischaufstrich Apfel/Kren 100 g
1005058      Moorochse-Fleischaufstrich Apfel/Kren 175 g
1005061      Moorochse-Fleischaufstrich Uhudlertraube 100 g
1005060      Moorochse-Fleischaufstrich Uhudlertraube 175 g
1005023      Moorochse-Gulaschfleisch
1005013      Moorochse-Gusto
1005048      Moorochse-Hauswürstel
1005012      Moorochse-Hinteres
1005041      Moorochse-Hüferlschwanzl
1005036      Moorochse-Hüferlsteakzugeputzt
1005054      Moorochse-Kavalierspitz
1005034      Moorochse-Knochen
1005029      Moorochse-Kochschink
1005029      Moorochse-Kochschinken
1005053      Moorochse-Kochschinken geschnitten
1005044      Moorochse-Kotlett geschnitten
1005043      Moorochse-Lungenbraten geschnitten
1005050      Moorochse-Lungenbraten zugeputzt
1005038      Moorochse-Rindsschnitzel geschnitten
1005027      Moorochse-Rohschinken
1005028      Moorochse-Rohschinken geschnitten
1005010      Moorochse-Rostbraten
1005011      Moorochse-Schulter dick
1005022      Moorochse-Schultermeisel
1005021      Moorochse-Schulterscherzel
1005031      Moorochse-Tafelspitz
1005042      Moorochse-T-Bone geschnitten
1005014      Moorochse-Wadschinken
1005032      Moorochse-Weisscherzel

The Moorochse from the 6th month till the 8th month of age is grown on pastures without manure. It takes 30 months before the meat becomes the best. This slow growing ensures a meat with fine fibres. The grease is delicious and its clearly white mottled surface provides succulence and a distinctive taste. Either tasty T-bone, the delicious back part of shoulder or thin silverside - the Stefri Frischeteam guarantees the perfect aging and the optimum quality.