The company was founded in 1914 in Oberdorf, Burgenland. Anton Lorenz opened a restaurant in the village, and was engaged in slaughter of animals. The next generation (from 1926) was engaged in obtaining the supply of Oberdorf, and a little shop was founded to offer pork and beef meat, sausages and Smoked charcuterie from own production.

(In 1918 Anton Lorenz with hi family and friends on front of his restaurant)

From 1960 until 1968 Richard Halper snr. (third generation) took over the company and operated as a slaughter-house.

In 1979 Günter Halper founded the meat processing plant, determining the first prevailing step for future. After the retire of hi father, Günter Halper took over the company and followed his vision: “Quality on a reasonable price for everyone” This principle lead him and his family to the idea to select a new company name, which was registered in the trade registry as Stefri Frischeteam Halper GmbH in 1991.

Stefri Frischeteam Halper GmbH

In 1997 Richard Halper passed the exam of master butcher and entrepreneur, and there was no difficulty to hand over the company to the next generation.

From 2007 Stefan Halper (second son of Laura and Günter Halper) joined the company, who together with his brother started to determine the brand-new trend for the future. After a planning period of 2 years, the company succeed to implement the project related to the new production site, in the industrial area of Kemeten. The construction works was started in June, 2010, and in the new plant the production could be started in April, 2010.

(Production plant in the industrial area of Kemeten)